Doris Day Fan Clubs

July 2, 2003 3 Comments

There is now only one remaining Doris Day fan club in existence all other US and UK ones have been shut down (as of August 2011). The Australian society is a non-profit club that sends its members informative and fun newsletters.

  • The Australian Doris Day Society
    [ The society was formed in 1989 by Al Moore in conjunction with the now defunct UK based fan club run by Martyn Daye ]
    PO BOX 607
    Woy Woy
    NSW 2256
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3 Comments to “Doris Day Fan Clubs”
  1. Denise Hemsath says:

    Happy Birthday, Doris! I’ve been enjoying your films all week! I particularly like your older ones. The other night I stayed up until like 2 am compelled with your endearing performance with Ronald Reagan in the film about the baseball pitcher. Uh, I had to get up at 6 am for work but Oh, well….it was worth it! I had the pleasure of meeting you years ago at the American Women in Radio & Television convention in Washington D.C. I say pleasure because I didn’t have the full appreciation of your beautiful work; either in pictures or your animal causes. As a “more mature” woman now I’ve watched all your classics and now I can say I have a full new found respect! My Mother-in-law told me she was friends with you when you were both young girls. Her name was Roselinda Hemsath. Don’t know if that rings a bell or not but she was from the west side of Cincinnati and was always proud to say she knew you.Her grandson, my son, is now studying musical theatre in New York with the hopes and intentions of winning a Tony for best supporting actor on Broadway! I have introduced him to your films and he is proud to say your from Cincinnati! I don’t even know if you’ll ever get this but I feel better just posting it!
    Happy Birthday!
    Denise Hemsath

    P.s. The only charities I do give to are animal causes. We just rescued a pug!! He’s a joy. His name? Mr. Frank. Sinatra that is!

  2. Sandra Davidson says:

    I just love Doris Day and have been watching her movies since the mid fifties. Would like to start a fan club here in USA. Do you know how to do this?
    Thank you!

  3. Alan D'Aurora says:

    Hello! First off, I want to express how much I enjoy Miss Day’s music, movies, and television appearances. In fact, I recently watched the “Doris Day toDay” television special from 1974/1975 and was I ever entertained! Doris is absolutely stunning, sexy, serious, and hillarious and all her costars were wonderful as well. I wonder if the songs from that special were or will ever be released? They are excellent. “Day by Day” and “Walking’ in Sunshine” are my two favorites–but they are all wonderful…John Denver and Doris made beautiful
    music together. I am a 4th grade teacher and I made Doris Day fans of my 9 & 10 year old students this year as every time we had a cancelled recess due to poor weather we watched a “Doris Day Show” episode. They love her so much, they begged to write her fan letters and so we did. All 28 were sent to Miss Day May 30th. Thank you, Miss Day, for continuing to brighten the lives of so many. Try to do more in the entertainment field if possible and can you work to release those wonderful songs from you “Doris Day toDay” special on a cd?

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