By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
US Release Date: 13 March 1953

  1. By the Light of the Silvíry Moon
    (Edward Madden/Gus Edwards)

  2. Your Eyes Have Told Me So
    (Egbert Van Alstyne/Gus Kahn)

  3. Just One Girl
    with the Norman Luboff Choir
    (Karl Kennett/Lyn Udall)

  4. Ainít We Got Fun
    with the Norman Luboff Choir
    (Richard Whiting/Raymond B. Egan/Gus Kahn)

  5. If You Were the Only Girl In The World
    (Clifford Grey/Nat D. Ayer)

  6. Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee
    with the Norman Luboff Choir
    (Stanley Murphy/Henry I. Marshall)

  7. Iíll Forget You
    (Ernest R. Ball/Annalu Burns)

  8. King Chanticleer
    with the Norman Luboff Choir
    (Nat D. Ayer)

1952 just EP and single releases. 1953 first album project after a gap of one year. First project of year. 30 Jan, 13 & 20 Feb 1953. Part of this movieís charm were the sing-along songs that featured throughout it. Doris thankfully chose to re-record these in the studio for this best-selling LP. The US 2on1 CD re-issue of this album also includes On Moonlight Bay.

Conductor: Paul Weston
Record Label: Columbia Records (USA)
Format: 10″ Mono LP (#CL-6248)
Highest US Chart Position: #3