Cuttiní Capers
US Release Date: 9 March 1959

  1. Cuttiní Capers
    (Joe Lubin/Adam Ross)

  2. Steppiní Out with My Baby
    (Irving Berlin)

  3. Makiní Whoopee! [1959 remake]
    (Gus Kahn/Walter Donaldson)

  4. The Ladyís in Love with You
    (Frank Loesser/Burton Lane)

  5. Why Donít We Do this More Often
    (Charles Newman/Allie Wrubel)

  6. Letís Take a Walk Around the Block
    (Ira Gershwin/E. Y. Harburg/Harold Arlen)

  7. Iím Sitting on Top of the World
    (Sam Lewis/Joe Young/Ray Henderson)

  8. Get Out and Get Under the Moon
    (Charles Tobias/William Jerome/Larry Shay)

  9. Fit as a Fiddle (And Ready for Love)
    (Arthur Freed/Al Hoffman/Al Goodhart)

  10. Me Too (Ho-Ho! Ha-Ha!)
    (Harry Woods/Charles Tobias/Al Sherman)

  11. I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze
    (Mack Gordon/Harry Revel)

  12. Letís Fly Away
    (Cole Porter)

For this album Doris Day follows in the footsteps of swing singers Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin. What you get are some very slick vocal performances by Doris whose big-band background stands her in good stead as she glides with ease through the chosen material including fan favourite I Enjoy Being A Girl. Frank DeVolís arrangements also give the overall project that extra kick!

Recorded sessions for this album took just 5 days and were made on various dates between 10 & 29 November 1958. Walter Donaldsonís Youíre Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do?) remained unreleased from these sessions until the mid 1970s.

Conductor: Frank DeVol
Label: Columbia Records (USA)
Format: 12″ Mono LP (#CL-1232) / 12″ Stereo LP (#CS-8078)