with Andre Previn
US Release Date: 22 February 1962

  1. Close Your Eyes
    (Bernice Petkere)

  2. Fools Rush In [Where Angels Fear to Tread]
    (Johnny Mercer/Rube Bloom)

  3. Yes
    (André Previn/Dory Langdon)

  4. Nobody’s Heart
    (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart)

  5. Remind Me
    (Jerome Kern/Dorothy Fields)

  6. Who Are We to Say [Obey Your Heart]
    (Sigmund Romberg/Gus Kahn)

  7. Day Dreaming
    (André Previn/Dory Langdon)

  8. Give Me Time
    (Alec Wilder)

  9. Control Yourself
    (André Previn/Dory Langdon)

  10. Wait Till You See Him
    (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart)

  11. My One and Only Love
    (Robert Mellin/Guy Wood)

  12. Falling in Love Again
    (Friedrich Hollander/Sammy Lerner)

This sophisticated jazz album was recorded between the 30 November and 16 December 1961. It is Doris’s biggest departure away from her usual “safe” haven of pop music. A drastically remade version of Close Your Eyes, a ballad that Doris had first recorded on her album Day by Night, sets an impressive precedent to how this album is to progress.

Previn’s arrangements allow Doris’s vocal genius to shine through without distraction. The climax of this remarkable LP is Marlene Dietrich’s hit song “Falling in Love Again”. The US CD re-issue includes two additional songs that were excluded from the original LP release: “You’re Good For Me” & “In Love In Vain”.

Conductor: André Previn
Label: Columbia Records (USA)
Format: 12″ Mono LP (#CL-1752) / 12″ Stereo LP (#CS-8552)