On Moonlight Bay
US Release Date: 2 July 1951

  1. Moonlight Bay*
    with the Norman Luboff Choir
    (Percy Wenrich/Edward Madden)

  2. Till We Meet Again*
    (Richard Whiting/Raymond B. Egan)

  3. Love Ya*
    with Jack Smith and the Norman Luboff Choir
    (Charles Tobias/Peter deRose)

  4. Christmas Story
    with the Norman Luboff Choir
    (Pauline Walsh)

  5. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles*
    with Jack Smith and the Norman Luboff Choir
    (Jaan Kenbrovin/John John William Kellette)

  6. Cuddle up a Little Closer*
    (Karl Hoschna/Otto Harbach)

  7. Every Little Movement [Has a Meaning All Its Own]*
    with the Norman Luboff Choir
    (Karl Hoschna/Otto Harbach)

  8. Tell Me [Why Nights Are Lonely]*
    (J. Will Callahan/Max Kortlander)

This sweet “family” movie tells the tale of baseball-playing tomboy, Marjorie Winfield (Doris Day). These perky, pretty songs tie in beautifully with the story that is set in 1917. In actual fact the title-tune originates from this period in history as it was first published in 1912. The songs for this album were recorded between 23 & 30 April 1951 with exception of track 4 which Doris recorded on 11 Sept 1950 with other religious themed songs.

Conductor: *Paul Weston
Record Label: Columbia Records (USA)
Format: 10″ Mono LP (#CL-6186)
Highest US Chart Position: #2